1984: Why Should Anything at All Exist?

Adi Da Samraj, 1984

A devotee of Mine is someone whose hair (if he has any at all, the full fleshy folicles) stands up on the back of his or her neck and head when he or she thinks about the fact that anything exists at all.

Why should anything at all exist?

The fact of anything, not the universe as a caused something leading us to the God-idea, but the mere fact of anything at all, is the supreme, awesome, hair-raising Mystery. It is not mysterious merely in the sense that one simply cannot account for anything and should therefore act dumb or agnostic. To simply acknowledge that anything exists raises the hairs on end, puts one in touch with the Supremely Blissful Circumstance in which all of these causes and effects are apparent. Why is there something? In other words, when you step out of the cause-and-effect world of ordinary logic and simply confront the awesome, absolute Mystery, then you are at the core of the gesture toward God-Realization, the core of religion.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
May 1, 1984
"Why Should Anything at All Exist?"

 Associated Publication: Approach Me from the Heart

Approach Me from the Heart: A videotape of a lively and intimate discussion between Avatar Adi Da Samraj and a group of longtime devotees in 1984, in which Adi Da Samraj eloquently addresses several questions such as "What is Divine experience?"

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