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When you are in My Presence, the Very Intensity of your existence should manifest. As My devotee, you should serve Me with your very breath. You should allow your reluctance to burn up in My Presence. You should never indulge it. It is never appropriate to indulge reluctance in relation to Me. It is never appropriate to bring your conflicts to Me, to live them in My Company as if they had some merit. It is only appropriate to be consumed in My Presence, to serve Me, to be indifferent to your conflicts, to be indifferent to the luxuries of your crisis.

You would be amazed, even offended, to see how people relate to the Guru in India. As Westerners, you tend for various reasons to dislike people who are always bowing down and saying, "Yes, Lord." On a certain level you have good reasons for feeling this, because a certain phoniness may be manifested behind that "external" posture. On the other hand, such behavior is a useful discipline for one who is full of resistance to being intensely alive to the Guru. In fact, that is what is going on in India. It is not true that people are simply and spontaneously so adoring of the Guru. It is not true that people are always selflessly serving the Guru. Until they become true devotees of the Guru, they are always intentionally adoring and serving the Guru--because, by tendency, they are not otherwise adoring and serving the Guru. They are devoted because they know what they are made of.

People have a tremendous reluctance to animate the life of adoration, service, fullness, Happiness. People are super-cool in relation to God. How many tears have you wept for God? How much suffering have you done for love of the Guru? How much intense suffering have you felt relative to your lack of Divine Self-Knowledge? Very little. But look at how many hours and hours you have spent retching over the most idiotic bullshit! Look at how much time you spend defending your own reluctance! The energy of your life is devoted to this false principle. When someone stands face to face with God, the Guru, and his or her own Self-Nature, the person is cool! The person is already right there on top of it. The person has already got it, is straight, and everything is all right. And because everything is all right, that person is not going to lie down at the Guru's Feet. That person is not going to bend his or her neck to God. That person is not going to dissolve in the Heart.

The principle of ordinary life is entirely, continually, antagonistic to Satsang. You can see it in yourself. How do you live Satsang with Me from hour to hour? You do not. You suffer petty conflicts with one another. You suffer the constant droning, repetitious cycle of life, and every now and then you manage to get a little easy, feel a little good today. "Oh, I went through a little crisis yesterday, and today I feel pretty good." But that endless cycle of your own moods is not the Condition of Satsang. Satsang with Me is a "radical" Condition, and It requires everything of you. It requires you to absolutely lose face.

You must lose face in relation to the Truth. It is quite a different thing from being caught nude in the subway. You lose face by exposing yourself absolutely to God, to the Guru, to your own True Nature, by becoming known. Becoming enthusiastic in My Presence is very difficult. Becoming full of love and service, without self-concern, is immensely difficult in My Presence. People do not want to do that because they interpret Me in human terms. They think of Me as another human individual, and as soon as that occurs in the mind, the conflicts that they ordinarily live with human individuals arise.

But you must see the strategies that are arising in you always and see that they are wedded to the principle of unconsciousness, of conflict, of dilemma. You must see that they are always giving rise to dilemma, and when you see that, you will become available to the principle of Satsang with Me. You will not only become available to that principle, but you will become active as it. Just as you are always active as conflict because you are bound to the principle of unconsciousness, likewise, when you become bound to the Principle of Truth, you will become active as My devotee. The signs of the devotee will become active in you, and you will be Happy.

When you become alive with devotion to Me--true devotion, not external smiling foolishness but the true devotion that arises as a response to Me--then your sadhana quickens. Then this Satsang with Me will become available to you under all conditions, and you will not spend your time outside My physical Company going to zero. Without the connection of devotion between Me and My devotee, there is no Satsang, the Force of Satsang does not move, My Divine Siddhi is not available.

In the traditions, love of the Guru and pleasing the Guru, the love between the devotee and the Guru and the devotee's continuous service to the Guru, have a primary role. People are continuously mindful of the obligation to love and to serve above all, because if they contract from the Guru they force the Guru to withdraw. That is the Law. One who contracts from the Guru can sit in the room with the Guru, read all the Guru's books, and perform all the "external" disciplines recommended by the Guru, and he or she will still not enjoy one moment of peace. Whereas one who becomes foolish in relation to the Guru is already Happy. In such a person, the Fullness of the Guru is provided a course in which to Manifest.

The Guru is a Function, a Siddhi, a Process, an Activity available to human beings. Individuals must make themselves available to that process, not just to philosophies and "external" matters but to the Guru. The form of that relationship is love, devotion, attention. My devotee's attention is simply turned to Me without conflict, without contraction, without limitation. Then the very living force of My devotee is manifested as bliss, happiness, love, intensity, devotion. One who lives in Satsang with Me is filled with the Intensity that comes with constant attention to Me. Through that channel of attention My Divine Siddhi is given a course. It cuts through all of the individual's reluctance, self-concern, conflicts, quality of dilemma, unconsciousness, commitment to un-Happiness--all of these qualities that turn his or her attention away from Me, away from the Real Self, away from the Divine. All those activities also prevent the process, or Siddhi, that is active in Satsang from becoming useful, becoming active.

If we were not here in Satsang together, what would you be doing? What is the alternative? What is on television tonight? What could you possibly do? There is nothing for you to do except to perfect the Enjoyment of this Satsang. The community of My devotees should be continuously active, endlessly moving, always alive. Satsang with Me should be continuous within the community, and everyone should always be serving It. Such individuals are always Happy. They do not even notice when they die.

You must work together to "create" a place for this Satsang, to enable this process to go on all day long. Then you will become free of the usual entertainments, occupations, and distractions. It does not mean that you will not be present in the world. You very definitely will be present in the world. But this Fire of Which I speak will be constant. If you do that, you will have done something absolutely unique in the world.

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