1973: A Chronicle of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Revelation Work

Avatar Adi Da, 1973In early 1973, Avatar Adi Da Samraj began to introduce some of the basic (and traditional) religious disciplines to His devotees. He gave many Talks in the small meditation hall of the Melrose Avenue Ashram, which were published later in the year, in the book The Method of the Siddhas.

Later, during the summer, He traveled to India, accompanied by Gerald Sheinfeld. During that trip, undertaken as "the necessary discipline that I must observe in order to maintain the connection to all the intimate Spiritual sources of this work", "Franklin" sent a letter to all His devotees announcing His new Name, "Bubba Free John".

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 1973

By adopting the Name "Bubba", a childhood nickname meaning "brother", Avatar Adi Da was giving a sign of the unique manner of His Teaching Work that was about to appear--of seeming to take on all of the concerns and preoccupations of His devotees, and thereby Instructing them directly and personally relative to all their problems and limitations. This Work would continue for the next six years.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: As the True Guru, I am not different from Truth. I am simply the Function of God. I am not an idol, a fascination. I do not attach individuals to My conditional presence, but instead I lead people to Enjoy the Perfect Presence and Reality in the Condition of relationship with Me.--1973

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