1972: A Chronicle of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Revelation Work

Shree Hridayam Siddhashram

By January of 1972, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, then "Franklin Jones", had begun to sit in Silence in His rented Laurel Canyon home with the small group of students that had formed around Him over the previous year. In that same month, a storefront was rented on Melrose Avenue, in Hollywood. Here, on April 25, 1972, "Shree Hridayam Siddhashram"--the first public center of Adidam--was opened to the world.

Avatar Adi Da, 1972 AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Understanding is re-cognition, direct seeing of the fundamental and always present activity that is suffering, ignorance, distraction, motivation, and dilemma. When this activity is thus known again, there is spontaneous and unqualified Enjoyment of What it excludes--That Which is always already the case, always already there.--1972

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