The Seven Stages of Life

What is the total process of human growth? What would occur in us if we were to grow to the full extent of our potential? Avatar Adi Da offers a schema of seven stages of life which represents His Wisdom on the entire spectrum of human possibility. He has systematically described not only our physical, emotional, and mental development but also all the phases of Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine unfolding that are potential in us, once we are mature in ordinary human terms.

This unique schema, which proceeds from birth to the final phases of Divine Enlightenment, is a central reference point in Avatar Adi Da’s Wisdom-Teaching, and it is the organizational principle of the Adidam Library’s Great Tradition collections and of The Basket Of Tolerance. It is an invaluable tool for understanding how we develop as individuals and also for understanding how the teachings and practices proposed by the various schools of religion and Spirituality fit into the whole course of human developmental possibility.

Avatar Adi Da describes the seven stages of life on the basis of His own Realization, as One Who has fulfilled that entire course. His testimony is literally unique. No one before Adi Da Samraj has Realized what He describes as the seventh and Most Ultimate stage of life. There are rare hints and intuitions of this Realization in the annals of Spirituality, particularly within the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Avatar Adi Da, however, has both described and Demonstrated not only the process of Awakening to the seventh stage of life, or Divine Enlightenment, but also the progressive signs that unfold during the seventh stage of life. And His Wisdom-Revelation is thus a unique Guide by which we may understand all the necessary stages of our developmental “growth and out-growing”.

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