An Overview of the Seven Stages of Life

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Stage Seven—Divine Enlightenment: The Realization of the seventh stage of life is uniquely Revealed and Given by Avatar Adi Da. It is release from all the egoic limitations of the previous stages of life. Remarkably, the seventh stage Awakening, which is Avatar Adi Da’s Gift to His devotees who have completed the developmental course of the first six stages of life, is not an experience at all. The true Nature of everything is simply obvious. Now the Understanding arises that every apparent “thing” is Eternally, Perfectly the same as Reality, Consciousness, Happiness, Truth, or Real God. And that Understanding is Supreme Love-Bliss.

Adi Da calls this Divine Awakeness “Open Eyes”, “Ruchira Samadhi” (“Ruchira” meaning “Bright”), and also “seventh stage Sahaj Samadhi” (“Sahaj” meaning “natural”, or inherent, and “Samadhi” meaning exalted State). No longer is there any need to seek meditative seclusion in order to Realize perpetual Identification with the One Divine Reality. The Ecstatic and world-embracing Confession “There is Only God” is native to one who enjoys the State of “Open Eyes”. Consciousness is no longer felt to be divorced from the world of forms, but Consciousness Itself is understood and seen to be the very Nature, Source, and Substance of that world. And so the life of the seventh stage Realizer, Most Perfectly Awake by Grace of Avatar Adi Da, becomes the Love-Blissful process of Divinely Recognizing, or intuitively acknowledging, whatever arises to be only a modification of Consciousness Itself.

The Divinely Self-Realized Being is literally “Enlightened”. The Light of Divine Being Flows in him or her in a continuous circuitry of Love-Bliss that rises in an S-shaped curve from the right side of the heart to a Matrix of Light above and Beyond the crown of the head. This is Amrita Nadi, the “Channel of Immortal Bliss”, mentioned in the esoteric Hindu Spiritual tradition, but fully described for the first time by Adi Da Himself. After His Divine Re-Awakening in 1970, Adi Da experienced the “Regeneration” of this Current of Love-Bliss, and He came to understand Amrita Nadi as the Original Form of the Divine Self-Radiance in the human body-mind (and in all conditional beings and forms).

Divine Self-Realization in the seventh stage of life unfolds through a Yogic process in four phases: Divine Transfiguration, Divine Transformation, Divine Indifference, and Divine Translation.

In the phase of Divine Transfiguration, the Realizer’s whole body is Infused by Love-Bliss, and he or she Radiantly Demonstrates active Love.

In the following phase of Divine Transformation, the subtle or psychic dimension of the body-mind is fully Illumined, which may result in extraordinary Powers, Grace-Given by Avatar Adi Da, of healing, longevity, and the ability to release obstacles from the world and from the lives of others.

Eventually, Divine Indifference ensues, which is spontaneous and profound Resting in the “Deep” of Consciousness Itself, with progressively less and less noticing of the manifested worlds.

Divine Translation is the ultimate “Event” of the entire process of Awakening—the Outshining of all noticing of objective conditions through the infinitely magnified Force of Consciousness Itself. Divine Translation is the Destiny beyond all destinies, from Which there is no return to the realms.

The experience of being so overwhelmed by the Divine Radiance that all appearances fade away may occur temporarily from time to time during the seventh stage of life. But when that Most Love-Blissful Swoon (or Moksha-Bhava Samadhi) becomes permanent, Divine Translation occurs and the body-mind is inevitably relinquished in death. Then there is only Eternal Inherence in the Divine Domain of unqualified Happiness and Joy.

Adi Da has frequently described the unfolding Mystery of the seventh stage of life through the image of crocks baking in a furnace:

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: When you place newly made clay crocks in a furnace of great heat to dry and harden the crockery, at first the crocks become red-hot and seem to be surrounded and pervaded by a reddish glow, but they are still defined. Eventually the fire becomes white-hot, and its radiation becomes so pervasive, so bright, that you can no longer make out the separate figures of the crocks.

This is the significance of Divine Translation. At first, conditions of existence are Transfigured by the inherent Radiance of Divine Being. Ultimately, through Self-Abiding and through Divinely Recognizing all forms, in effect all forms are Outshined by that Radiance. This is the Law of life. Life lived Lawfully is fulfilled in Outshining, or the transcendence of cosmic nature. In the meantime, cosmic nature is simply Divinely Transfigured, and relations are Divinely Transfigured, by the Power of the Divine Self-Position. [February 9, 1983]

The religious and Spiritual traditions of mankind characteristically conceive of human life as a “Great Path of Return”, a struggle to be reunited with the Divine Source of existence. From Avatar Adi Da’s viewpoint, this is an error. The Way of Adidam is founded in “radical“ understanding, or constant restoration to the intuition of present Happiness, present Real God. Thus, although Adi Da allows for and fully explains all the developmental signs or stages of life through which His devotee may pass, the Way of Adidam is not purposed to “progress through“ the stages of life. The entire process is founded in the Wisdom of the seventh stage from the very beginning—and thus is one of release, of surrendering, progressively, via heart-Communion with Avatar Adi Da, all obstructions in body, mind, and psyche that prevent that unqualified Divine Enjoyment.

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