The Great Tradition and the Seven Stages of Life

Avatar Adi Da’s Gifts of the seven stages of life and the description of the hierarchical structural anatomy make it possible, at last, to finally understand separate traditions as the single dynamic Great Tradition, and make sense out of its parts. The tools Given by Avatar Adi Da and available in the Laughing Man Library and in The Basket Of Tolerance are unique, and have never before been Revealed. One cannot find anywhere the full gamut of such Spiritual understanding put together and made plain, although aspects of the process are communicated in every traditional way. Nor was the time ripe for such a communication. Avatar Adi Da has written in The Basket Of Tolerance:

The understanding of the Spiritual process in terms of the seven stages of life, the Circle of the body-mind, and the Heart (as the Tripartite, and, Ultimately, all-Transcending, Seat of all the gross, subtle, and causal states, or all apparent modifications, of Consciousness) is itself not found, as a complete, detailed, and universally applied structure of understanding and practice, in the Great Tradition. Indeed, the Great Tradition itself has only now, or since mankind has become a globally communicated and interdependent group-presence, actually become a tradition, or the complex but single history and tradition of mankind. Therefore, the Great Tradition itself, and as a whole, may now (and for the first time) be fully and rightly understood, if this by Me Revealed structure of understanding (with all its profound particularities relative to the seven stages of life, the Circle of the body-mind, and the Three Stations of the Heart) is universally applied (as a tool of study and interpretation) to the total Great Tradition of mankind.

One of the great gifts of the Laughing Man Library and The Basket Of Tolerance is that Avatar Adi Da has placed specific traditions, and important individuals and texts within them, into the framework of the seven stages of life. His placements allow us to understand the key orientation or point of view of each tradition. When we apply the understandings of the hierarchical anatomy and the stages of life to these traditions and individuals, our understanding of them is enhanced, and we may start to truly grasp their significance.

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