The Adidam Library

Established by Avatar Adi Da Samraj, the Adidam Library serves the unique function of preserving and making accessible the world’s only guided comprehensive summary of humanity’s greatest wisdom. Unlike any other library in the world, the Adidam Library’s Great Tradition collections have been developed by Avatar Adi Da Samraj to guide individuals in the unified understanding of all traditions, all of human experience, as truly a single and dynamic Great Tradition of humankind. Through the Adidam Library, one may study Avatar Adi Da’s revelation of the Great Tradition, and thereby personally grow in discriminative, tolerant understanding of his or her own experience, and, as well, the experience of others.

Every one must responsibly examine the Great Tradition that all have inherited. And, by this widest view, every one must understand and transcend the provincialism (or the narrow look) of every merely local (or limited and non-universal) inheritance or view. Indeed, by all of this (and by signs of speech and action), every one (and all) must, for the sake of all, promote the culture of true (universal) tolerance, which understands and positively allows all temporary views, and which Calls every one (and every culture) to true (critical) self-study, and to constant Growth and Out-Growing, and would, at last, be Given the Gift of an even Perfect Understanding.
—Avatar Adi Da Samraj
from The Basket Of Tolerance

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