The Epitome of Traditional Wisdom

The Epitome of Traditional Wisdom has approximately 1,200 documents. This is one of Avatar Adi Da's summaries of The Basket Of Tolerance. All of the documents in the Epitome of Traditional Wisdom are included in the Basket Of Tolerance. Avatar Adi Da Samraj describes this Epitome List in The Basket Of Tolerance:

This very condensed group of specially selected materials represents an epitome of the Wisdom of the Great Tradition, in the form of, generally, rather brief documents that uniquely and, generally, rather simply and directly summarize and convey the traditional (or, otherwise, tradition-based) Primal Teachings relative to the first six stages of life, and which, in its final section, includes documents that (in the form of premonitory, but partial and limited, intuitions and philosophical insights) foreshadow the seventh stage of life.

The selection in the case of these relatively few documents is intended to be generally inclusive of all the commonly presumed major traditions, but it is not intended to be exhaustively inclusive of all historical traditions, or even of all aspects of those historical traditions that are included in “The Epitome of Traditional Wisdom”.

However, this “Epitome” is intended to selectively and suggestively represent the traditional primary essentials of the Wisdom Way, which primary essentials appear, in various forms, in the many historical traditions.