The Basket Of Tolerance

The Basket Of Tolerance has approximately 5,000 documents. This collection includes materials as divergent as Hollywood movies, excerpts from now extinct Indian ashram periodicals, compact discs of classical music, twentieth-century fiction, to popular exercise manuals. However, this collection also contains the essential gathering of mankind's cultural, religious, mystical, Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine literature. Avatar Adi Da Samraj describes this list in The Basket Of Tolerance:

My intention relative to the documents included in this essential gathering is that they should be studied with discrimination, and in the context of formal, guided study (however brief and general, or, otherwise, prolonged, extensive, and detailed).

Some individuals, because they are expected to serve a role of instructive communication in relation to others, must necessarily engage this formal study both intensively and extensively (to the degree that their service requires), whereas most individuals must (most likely) only acquire a basic discriminative overview of the Great Tradition (sufficient to relieve them of provincial and uninformed views and to equip them with a basic capability to understand the essentials of traditional Wisdom.

Also, optimally, and as is traditional, this (and any such) formal, guided study should be engaged in the context of a life established in, or at least preparing for, a comprehensive culture of religious discipline and practice.

Therefore, The Basket Of Tolerance is especially (but certainly not exclusively) Given for use by practitioners, and by those preparing (or, otherwise, aspiring) to be practitioners, of religious (and especially esoteric religious) discipline and practice. And, most especially, The Basket Of Tolerance is Given for use by practitioners, and by those preparing (or, otherwise, aspiring) to be practitioners, of Adidam, which is the Comprehensive and All-Completing Way I have Revealed and Demonstrated for the sake of all and All, and which I have thoroughly described in My twenty-three “Source-Texts” of Divine Self-Revelation and Divine Heart-Instruction.