Adidam Collections

The Adidam Library houses physical collections of all published (and much unpublished) Adidam literature, which it is also beginning to make available online through this site. (Additional unpublished Adidam literature can be made available to formal members of Adidam upon special request through the Adidam Archives.)

The Adidam Library is closely associated with the Dawn Horse Press and the Adidam Archives, and has collected more than 700 distinct Adidam publications. The Adidam Library is always expanding this collection, as there are thousands of unpublished documents of Avatar Adi Da’s Talks and Writing, and, as well, there is a constantly growing body of publications by students of the Way of Adidam.

The Adidam Collections are:

The Twenty-Three “Source-Texts”:

The Five Books Of The Heart Of The Adidam Revelation

The Seventeen Companions Of The True Dawn Horse

The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar

The Life and Work of Avatar Adi Da Samraj (including the biography of Avatar Adi Da Samraj and histories of Adidam)

Supportive and Introductory Texts

Early Adidam Publications

Educational Materials

Publications for and about Children and Young People


Complete Bibliography

Research (research by students of the Way of Adidam)

Media (documentary and published photographs, audio, video, and multimedia content of the Life and Wisdom-Teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, and the life of Avatar Adi Da's devotees)

Reference (indexes, bibliographies, subject guides, glossaries, and other reference materials useful in supplementing the study of Avatar Adi Da's Wisdom-Teaching and the Way of Adidam)