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Adidam Glossary - W

waking, dreaming, and sleeping
These three states of consciousness are associated with the dimensions of cosmic existence.

The waking state (and the physical body) is associated with the gross dimension.

The dreaming state (and visionary, mystical, and Yogic Spiritual processes) is associated with the subtle dimension. The subtle dimension, which is senior to the gross dimension, includes the etheric (or energic), lower mental (or verbal-intentional and lower psychic), and higher mental (or deeper psychic, mystical, and discriminative) functions.

The sleeping state is associated with the causal dimension, which is senior to both the gross and the subtle dimensions. It is the root of attention, prior to any particular experience. (See also gross, subtle, causal.)

washing the dog
Avatar Adi Da uses the metaphor of the “dog” and “washing the dog” to Indicate the purification of the body-mind in the process of Adidam. He addresses the presumption (as in the Kundalini Yoga tradition) that the Spiritual process requires a spinal Yoga, or an effort of arousing Spiritual Energy literally at the “tail” end of the “dog” (the bodily base, or the muladhara chakra), and then drawing It up (or allowing It to ascend) through the spinal line to the head (and above). In contrast, Avatar Adi Da Samraj has Revealed (particularly in His Hridaya Rosary) that, in reality, the human being can be truly purified and Liberated (or the “dog” can be “washed”) only by receiving His Divine Blessing-Power (or Hridaya-Shakti) and Spiritual Person downward from Infinitely Above the head to the bodily base. This Process of downward reception of Avatar Adi Da is what He calls the “frontal Yoga”, because it occurs in the frontal line of the body (which is a natural pathway of descending energy, down the front of the body, from the crown of the head to the bodily base). This necessary descending Yoga of the frontal line, once completed, is sufficient to purify and Spiritually Infuse the body-mind, and, in most cases, it allows the practitioner of the Way of Adidam to bypass the ascending Yoga of the spinal line (which is the complementary natural pathway of ascending energy, up the back of the body, from the bodily base to the crown of the head). The frontal line and the spinal line are the two arcs of the continuous energy-circuit that Avatar Adi Da calls the “Circle” of the body-mind.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You wash a dog from the head to the tail. But somehow or other, egos looking to Realize think they can wash the “dog” from the “tail” toward the head by doing spinal Yoga. But, in Truth, and in Reality, only the frontal Yoga can accomplish most perfect Divine Self-Realization, because it begins from the superior position, from the “head” position, from My Crashing Down.

The heart-disposition is magnified by My Crashing Down in your devotional Communion with Me. And the vital, grosser dimensions of the being are purified by this washing from the head toward the “tail”. If the Process had to begin from the bodily base up, it would be very difficult, very traumatizing—and, ultimately, impossible. The “dog” is washed, simply and very directly, by your participation in My Divine Descent, by your participation in this frontal Yoga. I am Speaking now of the Spiritually Awakened stages, basically. But, even in the case of beginning practitioners in the Way of Adidam—not yet Spiritually Awakened, not yet responsible for the truly Spiritual dimension of their relationship to Me—this “wash” is, by Means of My Avataric Divine Grace, going on.

Therefore, Spiritual life need not be a traumatic course. The “dog” should enjoy being bathed. Nice gentle little guy, happy to be rubbed and touched. You talk to him, struggle a little bit, but you gentle him down. That is how it should work. And, at the end of it, the “dog” sort of “wags its tail”, shakes the water off—nice and clean, happy, your best friend. That is how it should work.

If you wash the “dog” from the “tail” up, you smear the shit from his backside toward his head. Basically, that “washing from the tail toward the head” is a self-generated, self-“guruing” kind of effort. The Divine Process can only occur by Means of Divine Grace. Even the word “Shaktipat” means the “Descent (pat) of Divine Force (Shakti)”. But Shaktipat as it appears in the traditions is basically associated with admonitions to practice a spinal Yoga, moving from the base up. In Truth, the Divine Yoga in My Company is a Descent—washing the “dog” from head to “tail” rather than giving the “dog” a “bone”, letting it wash itself from the “tail” to the head.

DEVOTEE: It is only Your Hridaya-Shakti that does it.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: This is why you must invest yourself in Me. And that is how the “dog” gets washed. [August 13, 1995]

Avatar Adi Da's extended Discourse relative to “washing the dog” is “Be Washed, From Head to Tail, By Heart-Devotion To Me”, in Hridaya Rosary.

Way of “Radical” Understanding
Avatar Adi Da uses “understanding” to mean “the process of transcending egoity”. Thus, to “understand” is to simultaneously observe the activity of the self-contraction and to surrender that activity via devotional resort to Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

Avatar Adi Da has Revealed that, despite their intention to Realize Reality (or Truth, or Real God), all religious and Spiritual traditions (other than the Way of Adidam) are involved, in one manner or another, with the search to satisfy the ego. Only Avatar Adi Da has Revealed the Way to “radically” understand the ego and (in due course, through intensive formal practice of the Way of Adidam, as His formally acknowledged devotee) to most perfectly transcend the ego. Thus, the Way Avatar Adi Da has Given is the “Way of 'Radical' Understanding”.

Witness, Witness-Consciousness, Witness-Position
When Consciousness is free of identification with the body-mind, it takes up its natural "position" as the Conscious Witness of all that arises to and in and as the body-mind.

In the Way of Adidam, the stable Realization of the Witness-Position is associated with, or demonstrated via, the effortless surrender (or relaxation) of all the forms of seeking and all the motives of attention that characterize the first five stages of life. However, identification with the Witness-Position is not final (or Most Perfect) Realization of the Divine Self. Rather, it is the first of the three stages of the "Perfect Practice" in the Way of Adidam, which Practice, in due course, Realizes, by Avatar Adi Das Grace, complete and irreversible and utterly Love-Blissful Identification with Consciousness Itself.

Avatar Adi Da's extended Instruction relative to the Witness is Given in The Lion Sutra.