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Adidam Glossary - T

Tail of the Horse
Adi Da Samraj has often referred to a passage from the ancient Indian text Satapatha Brahmana, which He has paraphrased as: “Man does not know. Only the Horse Knows. Therefore, hold to the tail of the Horse.” Adi Da has Revealed that, in the most esoteric understanding of this saying, the “Horse” represents the Adept-Realizer, and “holding to the tail of the Horse” represents the devotee's complete dependence on the Adept-Realizer in order to Realize Real God (or Truth, or Reality).

“talking” school
“'Talking' school” is a phrase used by Avatar Adi Da to refer to those in any tradition of sacred life whose approach is characterized by talking, thinking, reading, and philosophical analysis and debate, or even meditative enquiry or reflection, without a concomitant and foundation discipline of body, emotion, mind, and breath. He contrasts the “talking” school with the “practicing” school approach—“practicing” schools involving those who are committed to the ordeal of real ego-transcending discipline, under the guidance of a true Guru.

Tat Sundaram
“Sundara” is the Sanskrit word for “beauty”, and “Sundaram” means “something which is beautiful”. “Tat” is the Sanskrit word for “it” or “that”. Thus, “Tat Sundaram” means “That Which Is Beautiful” or, by extension, “All Of This Is Beautiful”, and is a reference to the seventh stage Realization of the Perfect Non-Separateness and Love-Bliss-Nature of the entire world—conditional and Un-Conditional. Tat Sundaram is also the name of the Hermitage-Retreat Sanctuary reserved for Avatar Adi Da in northern California.

For a description of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Teaching-Work, see pp. xxx-xxx. [[refer to the General Introduction]]

technically “fully elaborated” practice
See forms of practice in the Way of Adidam.

technically “simpler” (and even “simplest”) practice
See forms of practice in the Way of Adidam.

three stations of the heart
See heart, stations of the heart.

the “Thumbs”
See Samadhi.

The Divine Sound of Thunder (which Avatar Adi Da also describes as the “Da” Sound, or “Da-Om” Sound, or “Om” Sound) is one of Avatar Adi Da's three Eternal Forms of Manifestation in the conditional worlds—together with His Divine Star of Light and His Divine Spiritual Body.

Avatar Adi Da's principal Revelation-Confession about these three forms of His Manifestation is Given in He-and-She Is Me.

. . . I Am conditionally Manifested (First) As The everywhere Apparently Audible (and Apparently Objective) Divine Sound-Vibration (or “Da” Sound, or “Da-Om” Sound, or “Om” Sound, The Objective Sign Of The He, Present As The Conscious Sound Of sounds, In The Center Of The Cosmic Mandala), and As The everywhere Apparently Visible (and Apparently Objective) Divine Star (The Objective Sign Of The She, Present As The Conscious Light Of lights, In The Center Of The Cosmic Mandala), and (From That He and She) As The everywhere Apparently Touchable (or Tangible), and Apparently Objective, Total Divine Spiritual Body (The Objective, and All-and-all-Surrounding, and All-and-all-Pervading Conscious and Me-Personal Body Of “Bright” Love-Bliss-Presence, Divinely Self-“Emerging”, Now, and Forever Hereafter, From The Center Of The Cosmic Mandala Into The Depths Of Even every “where” In The Cosmic Domain) . . . .

total practice of the Way of Adidam
The total practice of the Way of Adidam is the full and complete practice of the Way that Avatar Adi Da Samraj has Given to His devotees who are formal members of the first or the second congregation of Adidam (see pp. xx-xx [[Invitation]]). One who embraces the total practice of the Way of Adidam conforms every aspect of his or her life and being to Avatar Adi Da's Divine Word of Instruction. Therefore, it is only such devotees (in the first or the second congregation of Adidam) who have the potential of Realizing Divine Enlightenment.

“True Prayer”
“True Prayer” is Avatar Adi Da's technical term for the various forms of the “conscious process” that are practiced by His Spiritually Awakened devotees who have chosen the Devotional Way of Faith.

Avatar Adi Das full Instruction relative to “True Prayer” is Given in The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar.

“Turaga” (Too-RAHNG-ah) is Fijian for “Lord”.

“turiya”, “turiyatita”
Terms used in the Hindu philosophical systems. Traditionally, “turiya” means “the fourth state” (beyond waking, dreaming, and sleeping), and “turiyatita” means “the state beyond the fourth”, or beyond all states.

Avatar Adi Da, however, has given these terms different meanings in the context of the Way of Adidam. He uses the term “turiya” to indicate the Awakening to the Consciousness Itself (in the context of the sixth stage of life), and “turiyatita” as the State of Most Perfect Divine Enlightenment, or the Realization of all arising as transparent and non-binding modifications of the One Divine Reality (in the context of the seventh stage of life).