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Adidam Glossary - N

Sacred sounds or syllables and Names have been used since antiquity for invoking and worshipping the Divine Person and the Sat-Guru. In the Hindu tradition, the original mantras were cosmic sound-forms and "seed" letters used for worship and prayer of, and incantatory meditation on, the Revealed Form of the Divine Person.

Practitioners of the Way of Adidam may, at any time, Remember or Invoke Avatar Adi Da Samraj (or feel, and thereby Contemplate, His Avatarically Self-Revealed Divine Form, and Presence, and State) through simple feeling-Remembrance of Him and by randomly (in daily life and meditation) Invoking Him via His Principal Name, "Da", or via one (and only one) of the other Names He has Given for the practice of Simple Name-Invocation of Him. (The specific forms of His Names that Avatar Adi Da has Given to be engaged in practice of simple Name-Invocation of Him are listed in chapter three of The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar.)

For devotees of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, His Names are the Names of the Very Divine Being. As such, these Names, as Avatar Adi Da Himself has described, “do not simply mean Real God, or the Blessing of Real God. They are the verbal or audible Form of the Divine.” Therefore, Invoking Avatar Adi Da Samraj by Name is a potent and Divinely Empowered form of feeling-Contemplation of Him.

In Avatar Adi Da's Teaching-Revelation, “Narcissus” is a key symbol of the un-Enlightened individual as a self-obsessed seeker, enamored of his or her own self-image and egoic self-consciousness. In The Knee Of Listening, Adi Da Samraj describes the significance of the archetype of Narcissus:

He is the ancient one visible in the Greek “myth”, who was the universally adored child of the gods, who rejected the loved-one and every form of love and relationship, who was finally condemned to the contemplation of his own image, until, as a result of his own act and obstinacy, he suffered the fate of eternal separateness and died in infinite solitude.

“Nirguna” is Sanskrit for “without attributes or quality”.

Nirvikalpa Samadhi
See Samadhi.

See Lineage, Avatar Adi Da's.

Non-Separate Self-Domain
The “Non-Separate Self-Domain” is a synonym for “Divine Self-Domain”. (See Divine Self-Domain.)