An Overview of
Ruchira Shaktipat Yoga

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In the fourth section of Part Three, Avatar Adi Da Calls His Spiritually Awakened devotee to rightly conduct and conserve His Grace-Given Spirit-Power and (when the devotee's practice matures into the sixth and, then, the seventh stage of life) to "Allow Me To Reveal The Eternal Freedom, and The Boundless 'Bright' Sphere and Space, Of My Divine Self-Domain--Which Is The Eternal Condition Of My Avatarically Self-Revealed (and Self-Evidently Divine) Person, Beyond The Cosmic Mandala."

In the fifth section of Part Three, Avatar Adi Da describes the progress of the conductivity of His Hridaya-Shakti in the full Circle (or combined frontal and spinal lines) of His devotee's body-mind. He describes how this becomes the Realization of the Heart Itself, which then Shines upwards to the Highest Place and from there back into the Circle, ultimately Outshining the body-mind and all of conditional existence.

Part Four comprises five Essays and a Talk. In the first of the Essays ("The Lesser and Greater Traditions Associated with The Kundalini Shakti"), Avatar Adi Da describes the two distinct traditions of Kundalini Shakti--the one based on the ascent of the natural energies of the body-mind, and the other based on the descent and circulation of Divine Energy.

In the second Essay of Part Four ("My Own Direct Experience and Unique Revelation of The Senior Process of The Kundalini Shakti"), Avatar Adi Da describes His own (even childhood) experiences of Kundalini Shaktipat, while Revealing that Kundalini Shaktipat originates in and as Hridaya-Shaktipat in His own Case.

In the third Essay of Part Four ("The True Kundalini Shakti Can Be Awakened Only by Divine Grace, Not by Yogic Sexual Practice"), Avatar Adi Da addresses some traditional exaggerations, and also further clarifies the relationship between Kundalini Shakti and Hridaya-Shakti:

The Divine and Unconditional Hridaya-Shakti (Which Is the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Spirit-Power That Stands Eternally As the Perfectly Subjective Divine and All-Outshining Self-"Brightness", Always Already Most Prior to cosmic, or conditional, manifestations) Is the Truly Ultimate (and Inherently Perfect) Energy-Source and Unconditional Self (or Being-Condition) of the Kundalini Shakti. And only the Divine and Unconditional Hridaya-Shakti Is Identical to Unconditional Reality (Itself)--and, Thus and Therefore, to (Self-Evidently Divine) Consciousness (Itself). And, for this reason, only the by-Grace-Given Divine (and Unconditional) Hridaya-Shakti Awakens the Realization of Unconditionally "Bright" Divine Consciousness (Itself)--Which Is Unconditional Reality (Itself) and Unconditional Truth (Itself).