What Others Have Said About
The Seven Stages Of Life:

The teaching of Adi Da Samraj is a unique and original statement of Truth and Beauty and Divinity, communicated specifically to modern men and women. His argument does not require belief in religious dogmas or indoctrination in esoteric science, but only a free consideration of your actual experience. If you are interested in the Truth, in Reality, and also in Happiness, this book is for you!

Professor and Research Scientist
Penn State University

Adi Da Samraj expresses the most profound understanding of the Life Process, stage by stage—from birth, through adolescence, into adulthood and beyond. I found myself in tears as I considered the profundity of His Message. Just by reading His Words, I felt as if I made contact with something very powerful, a spirit far beyond just the words. I recommend any discerning reader to consider Adi Da’s profound words, digest them, give them time to penetrate your soul. Maybe you’ll be left with wonder, as I am.

President, NutriBiotic, Inc.

The Seven Stages Of Life is ecstatic Sacred literature, penetrating and powerful, simultaneously challenging and transcendent. Every sentence is Radiant with Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj’s Presence and Heart Blessing, His Confession and Invitation. Each page is an urgent call to Consciousness. To truly understand what is written here is to be transformed in relationship with Him.

psychiatrist; author, Out of Nowhere;
co-founder, The Lomi School and The Lomi Clinic