What Others Have Said About
Santosha Adidam:

The extraordinary summary quality of Santosha Adidam reflects the degree of profound love and concern that Adi Da Samraj has for all beings and their Enlightenment. His Instruction unravels the web of our bondage and frees us to live as Brightly as Light Itself.

Professor, University of Richmond
Director of Russian and East European Studies

Since Adi Da Samraj first gave us the essay at the heart of this book in 1986, it has been the Guiding Light of my medical career. It will be the Dharma-seed for the flowering of a radical and heart-centered new medicine in the years to come.

Medical Director, Center for Conservative Therapy

Avatar Adi Da offers a true, complete, and radically new communication about "cure". Cure not as a body free of disease and a mind free of disturbance, but as body and mind in-filled with the Omnipresent Light of Eternal Consciousness. Read the words that can heal, now and forever, your suffering heart. Meet the Being of Light who can cure you of darkness.

author, Alternative Cures;
former editor-in-chief, Rodale Books