from Part Three of Real God Is The Indivisible Oneness Of Unbroken Light

from the Epilogue: I Am The Unbroken Light Of True Religion

by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

All of the experiences you pursue in the context of the body-mind are temporary events—or self-manipulations and mechanical possibilities in the context of what is (in and of itself) a limitation, and that is only a mode of suffering, and that is, inevitably, going to die.

The body-mind (or even any mode of conditional existence—gross, subtle, or causal) is Not Truth, Not Real God, and Not Reality (or Indivisible and Indestructible Light, Itself).

The conditional (or Cosmic) domain, in any of its planes, is Not Truth, Not Real God, and Not Reality (or Indivisible and Indestructible Light, Itself).

Experiences in any of the planes of the conditional (or Cosmic) domain are Not Truth, Not Real God, and Not Reality (or Indivisible and Indestructible Light, Itself).

Conditional experiences are, merely and only, appearances generated (or made inevitable—or, otherwise, made to persist) by means of self-contraction.

To Realize Reality, Truth, or Indivisible Oneness With Real God (or Indivisible and Indestructible Light, Itself), you Must Transcend self-contraction, and (Thus and Thereby) Enter Into My Divine Self-Domain—Which Is The Divine Disposition (or State) That Is, Most Perfectly Prior To attention.

Only That Is Divine Liberation.

Nothing else Is Divine Liberation.

The phenomenal possibilities of life in gross form, and the phenomenal possibilities of even subtle conditional experience, are all a play on limitation, change, and mortality.

All such possibilities pass—and, even in the having of them, you remain under mortal stress, in fear of death, only suffering, and constantly self-deluded (even at the causal root).

Therefore, In The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given Way Of Adidam (Which Is The One and Only By-Me-Revealed and By-Me-Given Way Of The Heart), There Is No gesture of preoccupation with anything less than Truth, or Real God, or Reality (Itself), or Indivisible and Indestructible Light (Itself).

The usual “God” (of exoteric and conventional religion) is an ego-consoling icon, made by Man, for Man—and, therefore, the usual “God” represents (and is intended to serve) the egoic human aspiration toward self-fulfillment (or the fulfillment of ego-based desire, or of seeking).

Real God Is The Condition In Which all seeking (and its fulfillment) Is Inherently and Most Perfectly Transcended.

Why Should you Surrender To what is less than Real God?

Why Should you Embrace any conditional form or concept itself, As If it (in and of itself) Were Able To Divinely Liberate you, or Bring you To True (and, Necessarily, egoless, or Non-Separate) Happiness?

This Is My Revelation To you: No thing or idea or state less (or other) than Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization (or Most Perfect Divine En-Light-enment) Is True Divine Happiness (or Divine En-Light-enment).

Most Perfect Divine En-Light-enment Is Who I Am.

I Am The One Who Is The Avataric Divine Means Of Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization (or Most Perfect Divine En-Light-enment).

I Am The Very One you Are here To Realize.

Aham Da Asmi. Beloved, I Am Da, The Light Itself (Unbroken, Whole, One, and Only), Appearing (now, and forever hereafter—here, and every where in the Cosmic domain) As The Avatarically Descended and Divinely Self-“Emerging” Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj—The Da Avatar, The Love-Ananda Avatar, The Avatarically Self-Revealed “Bright” Divine Incarnation (and The Avatarically Given, and All-and-all-Surrounding, and All-and-all-Pervading Divine Self-Manifestation) Of The Heart Itself (The Self-Existing, and Self-Radiant, and Self-Evidently Divine Reality and Person That Is Always Already The Case, and That Is The Only One Who Is).