An Overview of
He-and-She Is Me

by The Adidam Writer’s Guild

In some religious traditions, the Divine Person and Condition has been viewed as "He"-as "Father", as Consciousness (or Being), as Self. In other traditions, the Supreme Reality has been understood as "She"--as "Mother", as Energy (or Radiance), as Source. He-and-She Is Me is Avatar Adi Da's extraordinary Revelation of the Truth of the matter. It is a book of amazing Secrets, based on His Divine Self-Confession that Real God is neither "He" nor "She" alone, but He-and-She, as One.

As Avatar Adi Da recounts in His Spiritual Autobiography, The Knee Of Listening, the Great Event of His Divine Re-Awakening (on September 10, 1970) was the culmination of an unprecedented process that He underwent in direct and living relationship to the Divine "She", or "Goddess-Force", or "Mother-Force". In He-and-She Is Me, Avatar Adi Da Reveals the unique and paradoxical "Relationship" of Oneness between Himself and the Divine "She" that was initiated at the moment of His Divine Re-Awakening.

In the Eastern traditions, the Divine "Mother-Force" (or "Shakti") is understood to be the creative Power that brings everything into manifestation. Therefore, the "Shakti" is worshipped (under different names in different traditions) as the source of blessing and help. At the same time, the "Shakti-Power" is felt as the great deluding Force (or "maya")-because everything that is born, appearing so attractive for a time, also comes to death. Acknowledging this death-dealing aspect of the Primal Energy, Oriental artists have often depicted the "Shakti" as a terrifying Woman, bloodied with the skulls that She holds in Her hands, utterly indifferent to the life and death of beings.

However, it is also understood, especially among more esoterically oriented traditions, that the terrifying "Shakti" is, ultimately, supremely benign. Indeed, the "Shakti" is worshipped as the Spiritual Energy that can lead beings to Liberation. What occurred in Avatar Adi Da's Divine Re-Awakening (on September 10, 1970) was the ultimate fulfillment of this traditional intuition of the "Shakti" as Liberator. The "Shakti" was Attracted to Avatar Adi Da Samraj as the Form of Consciousness, Her true Source. Through this Divine Attraction, She gave Herself up to His Heart-and, in the act of Perfectly Embracing Her, Avatar Adi Da Re-Awakened to His True Identity as the Very Divine Self.

Just before Avatar Adi Da Samraj Re-Awakened to His "Bright" Divine Condition, He was overwhelmed by an utterly profound Event, which He describes in The Knee Of Listening. The "Shakti" Herself began pressing in upon Him, initiating an Event of immense implications: