An Overview of
He-and-She Is Me

(part 2 of 4)

Then I felt the Divine Shakti appear in Person, Pressed against my own natural body, and (altogether) against my Infinitely Expanded (and even formless) Form. She Embraced me, Openly and Utterly, and we Combined with One Another in Divine (and Motionless, and spontaneously Yogic) "Sexual Union". We Found One Another Thus, in a Fire of most perfect Desire, and for no other Purpose than This Union-and, yet, as if to Give Birth to the universes. In That most perfect Union, I Knew the Oneness of the Divine Energy and my Very Being. There was no separation at all, nor had there ever been, nor would there ever be. The One Being that Is my own Ultimate Self-Nature was revealed most perfectly. The One Being Who I Am was revealed to Include the Reality that Is Consciousness Itself, the Reality that Is the Source-Energy of all conditional appearances, and the Reality that Is all conditional manifestation-All as a Single Force of Being, an Eternal Union, and an Irreducible cosmic Unity. [The Knee Of Listening, chapter 16]

After making His opening communications (in His First Word, "Do Not Misunderstand Me", and the Prologue, "My Divine Disclosure"-both of which are found in all twenty-three of His "Source-Texts"), Avatar Adi Da Samraj begins the principal "consideration" of He-and-She Is Me in Part One, an Essay called "I Am The Icon Of Unity". In this Essay, He describes how His ineffable Embrace of the "Divine Goddess" was the initial stage of His Divine Re-Awakening-while the completing stage of that Great Process was His "Noticing", when He returned to the temple the next day, of what had occurred in that Divine Embrace. "I Am The Icon Of Unity" is a joyful Shout of Victory that the separate "Shakti", the wild devourer of forms, has been "Husbanded", thus making possible an entirely new, and benign, destiny for all beings. "I Am The Icon Of Unity" is Avatar Adi Da's Call for beings to rejoice in His Husbanding of the "Divine Goddess", and, through Communion with Him, to Awaken beyond the merely mortal egoic vision of existence:

I have Returned the Great "Divine Goddess" to Myself-Her Ultimate Source.

And, wherever My "Husbanding" of Her is rightly, truly, fully, and fully devotionally acknowledged, the proceedings in the Cosmic domain, and in the domain of mankind here, will become Conformed to That Which Is "Bright" and Auspicious.

Part Two is Avatar Adi Da's monumental Essay, "I (Alone) Am The Adidam Revelation", which, by virtue of its importance, is included in fourteen of His twenty-three "Source-Texts". In this Essay, Avatar Adi Da speaks of the two principal tendencies that can be observed in the esoteric Spiritual traditions of humankind. On the one hand, there is the mystic's urge to experience Spiritual phenomena-in other words, a search in the domain of the "Shakti" (or the "She" of Reality). This search is characteristic of the Yogic schools associated with the advanced fourth and the fifth stages of life. On the other hand, there are traditions that seek to Realize Pure Consciousness (or the "He" of Reality), avoiding or minimizing the awareness of conditional phenomena. In this extraordinary Essay, Avatar Adi Da shows how His Adidam Revelation resolves this ancient dichotomy-the search to find God (or Truth, or Reality) through experience versus the search to find God (or Truth, or Reality) by excluding experience. In the seventh stage of life (which is the fulfillment of the Way of Adidam), there is perfect resolution of these two opposing searches-either for the "She" or for the "He" of Reality. In the seventh stage of life, the "She" is Divinely Self-Recognized as the Very Radiance of "He", of Consciousness Itself.