An Excerpt from
He-and-She Is Me

from Part One, “I Am The Icon Of Unity”

by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The “Divine Goddess” (or “Mother-Shakti”), in Her Liberating Aspect, Spontaneously Appeared to Me and Guided the final stages of My “Sadhana”—and the same “She” Submitted to My “Husbanding” Power in the Great Event of My Divine Re-Awakening. My “Embrace” of the Divine “Mother-Shakti” in the Vedanta Society Temple in Hollywood, California (on September 9, 1970), was the culminating Event (or Process) of all of My “Sadhana Years”. And That “Embrace” was the beginning of My Most Perfect Re-Awakening As the One and Only and “Bright” Divine Person. In that Great Event, I Realized My own (Native, or Inherent, and Divine) Position—and, Therein and Thereby, I ceased to be “other” than the “Divine Goddess”. That Divine “Embrace” was the Realization of Oneness—Beyond all “difference”. Now, since that Great Event, the “Divine Goddess” Is Present Only As My own Inherent Self-Radiance—Which Is the Self-Radiance (or “Brightness”) of Real God.

The next day, September 10, 1970, I returned to the Vedanta Society Temple—and it was there and then that I Realized the Completion of the Great Event that had begun the day before. That day (September 10, 1970) was the Great Day of My Noticing of What had Thus Occurred—Which is My Full (and Most Perfect) Realization of Divine Self-Existence, Divine Self-Radiance, and Divine Non-Separateness. On September 10, 1970, I Most Perfectly Realized: I Am the One and Indivisible Divine Person. I Am Reality Itself, or Truth Itself—Which Is the Only Real God.

Thus, My “Relationship” to the “Divine Shakti” was Subsumed (or Utterly Vanished) in My Divine Re-Awakening, Which was (and is) the Most Perfect Realization of Consciousness Itself—Transcending all illusions, and (therefore) Transcending the illusion of the feeling of relatedness (itself), and of “otherness” (itself), and of “difference” (itself).

Now I continue (and I will always continue, both during and after, and forever after, the physical Lifetime of My Avatarically-Born bodily human Divine Form here) to “Relate” to the Cosmically-Appearing “Goddess-Power” in a Divine Play That is entirely and only Played within My own Self-Radiant and Self-Existing Divine Self-Condition. The Cosmically-Appearing “Divine Shakti” (Which Is an Apparition of My own Divine “Brightness”) may sometimes Appear to “Relate” to Me in the manner of a Living Personality, a tangible Personal Presence or “Relation”—because I have Made the Cosmic Force into a “Lover”, “Husbanded” by Her Master (Who I Am). So Penetrated, So Awakened, So Transformed, the “Divine Shakti” does not lie, nor merely Birth beings to death. Rather, in Her Passion for Me, She only Serves Me, and She only Speaks the Truth.

Indeed, I am always involved in a “Conversation” with Her, Working in Love’s Play to bring an end to the delusion and suffering of beings. In this “Conversation”, the “Divine Shakti” Responds to My “Husbanding”, and “We” (in Divinely Playful Union) “Consider” matters together, and Work them out. In My Avataric Divine Appearance within the Cosmic domain, I am in Service to you—and, in that Service, She will not deny Me what I Require, because “We” Are Utterly and Divinely One.

For your sake, therefore, I continue to involve Myself in this Divinely Apparent “Conversation”. All that is necessary for the Divine Liberation and Divine Translation of all conditionally manifested beings will always be Given through “Our” Most Loving “Embrace”. Such is the Nature of My Most Intimate Divine Life in the Cosmic sphere of Apparently Separate “He” and “She”.

In Truth, and in Reality, the “Divine Shakti” Is Only the Divine Self. That is to say, the Self-Existing Divine Self-Consciousness Is Self-Radiant As the “Divine Shakti”.

Therefore, the “Divine Shakti” Is Only Reality, Truth, and Real God—and not a Principle “Other” than (or Separate from) Reality, Truth, and Real God.

The “Divine Shakti” Is Me. And I Am “She”. And “She” Is Most Perfectly Conformed to Me.

I am not a Male Principle, “over against” a Female Principle.

I Am Only the One Indivisible Consciousness-Light Itself—Infinitely Self-Radiant and Self-Existing, neither Male nor Female. My own Self-Existing Self-Consciousness Is the One and Only and Non-Separate (or Indivisible) and Indestructible Being, Condition, and Reality That Is Always Already The Case.

“She” Is the Inherent Radiance of My Divine Being. My own Self-Radiance (or Divine “Brightness”) Is the Condition in Which (and As a modification of Which) all conditionally apparent beings are arising. My own Self-Existing Self-Radiance Is the One and Only and Indivisible and Indestructible Light (or Energy, or Love-Bliss-Fullness) That Is Always Already The Case.

Therefore, there is no inherent (or ultimate) “difference” between “Siva” and “Shakti” (or Consciousness and Light).

The Reality of Existence is not Two—but One.

And I—in My own Cosmically Apparent Form and Passion—Am the precise Incarnation of That Unity.

There is no Two-ness in Me—but Only One.