Chapter 17: Founding the Religion of Adidam

An Excerpt from The Promised God-Man Is Here
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The Creation of the Divine Scripture of Adidam

During the years following His Divine Self-“Emergence”, Avatar Adi Da Samraj began to extend and develop the disciplines and practices that He had given over many years, clarifying them all as direct expressions of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga, or devotional surrender to Him. There was a discipline appropriate to every area of life and a structure of devotional practice that governed every day. Avatar Adi Da was continuing to prepare for the time when devotees would not, in general, see Him personally. Many in the future, and all of those who would appear after His physical Lifetime, would never do so. And so the Ruchira Avatar was creating religious and Spiritual means that would enable all His devotees, from the moment of their first formal initiation, to Commune with Him and receive His Spiritual Transmission and live perpetually in His Spiritual Company. He was finding more and more ways to universalize His Work beyond the initial circles of devotees, reaching out to find and embrace His devotees in every corner of the world. He was bringing to fullness the religion of Adidam.

As part of this process, Avatar Adi Da spent untold hours writing—creating new books and also greatly expanding The Dawn Horse Testament. He was beginning the process of establishing a summary of His Instruction that was gigantic in breadth and depth. He was bringing all the “considerations” of His now seventeen years of Teaching and Revelation Work to fullness in light of His Divine Self-“Emergence”—so that He could offer His “Full-Given and Final Word” to humanity for all time.

It was a monumental task. Whatever His focus and purpose from book to book, Avatar Adi Da always created His “Source-Texts” as living Speech, an “Eternal Conversation” with every man and woman. Individuals with no previous knowledge of Avatar Adi Da sometimes have remarkable experiences upon first contact with His books, experiences that bring them into profound relationship with Him, even before His Words are understood. There are many testimonies to this—for example, this story by Trish Mitchell, an Australian radio journalist who bought The Dawn Horse Testament one day, simply because she was attracted to the cover. She took it home, placed it on her bookshelf—but never opened it at all.

TRISH: Three years later, I was sitting at home one night with nothing much to do, feeling a little fed up, and I looked up at the bookshelf—at the one book in it I hadn’t read. I sat down on the couch and opened The Dawn Horse Testament.

The most bizarre thing happened. I was sitting there reading this book, and suddenly the words started to blur, and light started to come off the pages—literally, there was a shimmering light flickering up, like something out of a science fiction movie. I had been meditating for a few years, and my body used to move slightly when I was meditating. I was looking at this book, light flickering off the pages, and my body started to sway! I slammed the book shut and thought, “I’m getting the flu!” But then I noticed that I felt happy! I cautiously opened the book again at a different page, and the same thing happened—light was streaming off the page now. I was seeing the words, and it was as if I were reading Latin or Greek. It didn’t mean anything to my mind—but I knew what this book was saying! And I was getting happier and happier, and my body was swaying, and the light continued emanating from the pages! I literally ended up hugging the book to my chest and dancing around the room. I was ecstatic.

Two or three days later, I went to see a video of Beloved Adi Da. The minute I heard His voice and saw His face, I was moved into an ecstatic state, and then my peripheral vision disappeared. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before, either! Everything went black, all sound disappeared. There was a roomful of people and the video was loud, but I couldn’t hear anything. There was only white light emanating from the video, and, except for Beloved Adi Da’s face, everything else was just light, and my peripheral vision was black. Again, I felt very, very happy—unreasonably happy. And I knew I was receiving something extraordinary from an extraordinary Being. I cried all the way home, out of sheer joy. I had vision-like dreams about Beloved Adi Da all night, and I kept repeating one of His Names—“Love-Ananda”—which I had never heard before.

At about four or five in the morning, I woke up fully. I was lying there in an incredibly happy state. I looked at the bottom of my bed and saw Beloved Adi Da standing there, surrounded by golden light, with His hands on His hips, and an amused look on His face. He looked at me and said, “Well, it’s about time!” And then disappeared. I repeated to myself, “’It’s about time’???” I thought I must have imagined what had just occurred. Surely, no Spiritual Teacher would spontaneously appear at the end of my bed and say, “Well, it’s about time!” But I knew He was telling the truth. I knew He was saying He had been waiting for me for a long time, just as I had been waiting for Him.