What Others Have Said About
The Promised God-Man Is Here

This extraordinary book creates a powerful experience of the Reality and Truth of Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Because it so poignantly quotes and clarifies His Teaching and His Life, it has deepened my experience of Him as the Divine Gift established in the Cosmic Domain.

Author, Sevenfold Peace; Conscious Eating; and Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet

This captivating biography of Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj is without precedent. It is the profound Love Story of the Incarnation in human form of the Divine Being, and his great Teaching ordeal to bring humanity out of the illusion of separateness from God, which is the root of all suffering. If you were allowed to read only one book in your lifetime, this should be the one.

Founding Director, American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

Generations far into the future are going to celebrate the incredible story of the Ruchira Avatar and His devotees--which is not just High Dharma; it is also high drama. Everything is here: genius, tenderness, Blessing beyond belief; fragility, despair, unquenchable sorrow. I have fallen profoundly in love with this Great Being! His Presence here is a miracle of Divine Intervention.

Recipient, President’s Points of Light Award

My self-constricted ego bristles at the implied Messianism of the title, ’The Promised God-Man is Here’--yet if God-consciousness is fully present as a liberating force in human form, why should there be any equivocating? His devotees are convinced and Carolyn Lee has assembled a lucid in-depth look at Adi Da, spreading the good news of his incarnation by telling his life story and giving an insider’s view of his radical teaching efforts to awaken devotees. I’ve been inspired by Adi Da’s writings for many years. He is a contemporary spiritual Hero, offering his transcendental gifts to a culture without a tradition for or even ’taste’ for Avatars . . . yet he bears the burdens of sagehood with persistence and love.

Artist and author, Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey

Dr. Lee has pulled back the veil of mystery and allowed us to meet the god-man behind the curtain. The interviews are intriguing. The history is captivating. The teachings are challenging. This book is ’must’ reading for anyone interested in the Promised God-Man.

Author, Minyan: Ten Principles for Living Life with Integrity

There is no more astonishing and wondrous communication than, ‘The Promised God-Man is here.’ And yet it is so. The remarkable life story of Avatar Adi Da Samraj communicates this truth in a way which outshines the mind and awakens the heart. There is no grace greater than to be heart-moved by this revelation of the Heart of Being.

Lecturer, University of New South Wales, Australia

I have been writing and editing in the field of health and healing for over twenty years. But I know that the Divine Heart-Master is the Ultimate Healer—because He is the only One Who can awaken you beyond all disease, all change, all suffering, beyond even death itself, to His very Nature: Eternal and Omnipresent Conscious Light.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj is the Divine Heart-Master, the Promised God-Man, the True Healer. And even this book, this Leela or story of His Life, transmits His power to heal—to restore you to sanity and ease, as you recognize and feel that the Divine Being, Real God, is here in human Form, offering you a life of ecstatic Communion with Him. Read this book; fall in love with Adi Da Samraj; be healed at heart.

Editor, New Choices In Natural Healing

This remarkable biography of the Spiritual Master and God-Realizer Adi Da Samraj is a MUST for anyone concerned with Spiritual values.

Jungian Analyst, New Zealand

When I first read the Word of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, I was immediately transported into a state of wonderment and awe. Could it be? Could the Divine Person be here now, in this time and place? It didn’t take long for my heart to answer a resounding ’Yes’. May the whole world be restored to Faith, Love, and Understanding by the Mystery of Real God, here and Incarnate as Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Read The Promised God-Man Is Here—and find out about Him.

Lead singer of the rock band, “Live”

The Promised God-Man Is Here should be required reading for anyone interested in religion. Carolyn Lee has written this work in a way that compels the reader’s attention throughout. All of the major events of Adi Da’s extraordinary life and work are covered, and the Guru-disciple relationship is depicted in a most colorful way.

Professor Emeritus, Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy, Humboldt State University

Reading The Promised God-Man Is Here puts you into direct relationship with the Divine Being, Avatar Adi Da Samraj. This relationship starts where all other spiritual systems seek to end—face-to-face with the Living Embodiment of Perfect Love.

Singer, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

I was swept along, enraptured by every page, unable to put this book down. The life of the living Spiritual Master Avatar Adi Da Samraj is truly the greatest story ever told. Read this book and find out why.

Professor, Kansas State University
Author, Resettling America: Energy, Ecology, and Community

As I read The Promised God-Man Is Here, the Force of this incredible story washed over and through me. Moving before my eyes and heart were story after story of the lives of devotees being converted to Truth; passage after passage of Avatar Adi Da’s talks, essays, ecstatic and poetic communications—some never before published; Divine Compassion, Brilliance, Genius, Love, Fierceness, Blissfulness revealed in every chapter, every story. Adi Da’s Heroic struggle and victory with and in His devotees, and, through them, with and in the whole world, came alive in these pages. It became clear that every illusion, false presumption, action of un-love—every aspect of existence in this realm—has been Penetrated, Illumined, and En-Lightened by this Great Avadhoot of our time, via His Heroic Work of Love with His devotees, the most ordinary people, representing every kind and walk of life.

As I turned the last page, I knew in every cell of my body, that this story could only have been enacted by the Very Divine, God Himself. No other being could have wrought such changes, evoked such love, penetrated so deeply the prevailing ego-presumptions, made Himself so vulnerable, yet acted with such selfless courage. The sheer scope of His work in the short period of His life and work are testament to His uniqueness, even amongst the great Spiritual Realizers. In that moment, I knew that the Divine Had Firmly Set His Staff in this world, and that all would come to turn to Him, and that everything in the world has been changed.

I am so grateful to Carolyn Lee for setting this Greatest of Tales to paper; and grateful beyond words that the ’story’ was and is there to be told. I invite everyone to partake of this great feast--to read this book, to participate in the unfolding story, and thereby be changed forever.

Elizabeth Lowe (Edgerton), M.A.
Clinical and Humanistic Psychology

The Way of Adidam—the world-religion revealed by Avatar Adi Da Samraj—brings together the essentials of all the great religions—and goes beyond them. It gives new life to religion by directly demonstrating that all beings and things are constantly emerging and changing within a universal state of Conscious Light. In great detail, The Promised God-Man Is Here gives example after example what it means to be a practitioner of Adidam, in relationship with Avatar Adi Da Samraj, the human embodiment of the Divine. These practitioners are wise, judicious, mature, loving people who give an account of absolute vital importance to us all. Please read this book and evaluate Adi Da and the Way of Adidam for yourself.

Professor Emeritus, University of Manchester, England

This book does not offer another method, sales pitch, or guide to self-improvement. The Promised God-man Is Here is a global wake-up call, a startlingly profound invitation to a relationship founded in Truth and forged in an incomparably compassionate Love--a love without equal in all experience. This is the Life-Story of the Greatest Spiritual Being of all time—the Divine Being, in Person. Avatar Adi Da Samraj has come to Demand our Hearts and Dissolve the world’s suffering in the Intimacy of His Eternal Embrace. He is Here! He is Waiting for you. Surrender to the Reality of Love with the Divine Incarnate!

AptLee Written Technical Publications

The Promised God-Man Is Here is an outstanding contribution to Spiritual literature. Carolyn Lee takes the reader through the entire development and rise of the religion of Adidam and the epochs of Adi Da Samraj’s work with such clarity and detail that one feels as though one is actually there, living and feeling the intensity and importance of these historic occasions. The inclusion of large portions of Avatar Adi Da’s writings, and testimonies from devotees, provide the reader the opportunity to experience these years from all perspectives.

Dr. Lee’s biography is a great service to current and future generations, and to all who are fortunate enough to be drawn to the Divine Work of Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

Senior Lecturer, Southern Cross University, Australia