Sacred Theatre Guild

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In Adidam, “The Mummery Book” is the umbrella under which all of the guilds, all of the arts, work together to create Access to Consciousness.

The function of the Sacred Theatre Guild, then, is to bring about human transformation so that people can see that there is Something Greater than “The Mummery Book” way of doing things and, on the basis of that vision, change their lives.

Access to Consciousness equals ecstatic Communion with Me.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da Samraj invites artisans to use their talents to celebrate the sacred, and, by so doing, to transform and uplift human culture. As He Says, the sacred orientation profoundly changes human behavior and what people do with one another. It has great power and it is necessary to human life. A truly sacred culture gives people the opportunity to fulfill human existence through ultimate transcendence.

Since non-egoic participation is one of the hallmarks of the sacred orientation, artists in Adidam have created cooperative guilds in order to work together. The Sacred Theatre Guild includes actors, directors, set designers, lighting engineers, and other theatre artists who serve The Mummery Book and other theatrical expressions of Avatar Adi Da's Work. Other guilds also help produce Adidam's sacred theatre—such as the Dance Guild, the Music Guild, the Recitation Guild, the Photography Guild, the Writing Guild, and the Visual Arts Guild.