Principal Characters in The Mummery Book

Narrator: Avatar Adi Da Samraj Himself, the teller of the story.

Raymond Darling: The protagonist, who proceeds from birth to Divine Enlightenment.

Mom and Dad: Raymond's mother and father.

Quandra: Raymond's true love, the archetype of the beloved.

Moode Thom: Raymond's "ancient fishing buddy" (and also a principal attendant of Evelyn Disk).

Pascoe Moon: The old game warden at Dreamer Circle (and also a principal attendant of Evelyn Disk).

Meridian Smith: Raymond's teacher/guide, who is also (paradoxically) the "terrific cute creature" in the book Raymond writes (chapter 3).

Bue Ma: Quandra's mother, the archetype of the widowed and wild woman.

Evelyn Disk: The immensely fat preacher who leads the Raymondite religion.

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