Nostalgia and Grace, by Carolyn Lee (page 16)

Understanding Christianity and Falling into Terror

I was immediately struck by Adi Das observation that the Judeo-Christian tradition as a whole presumes a God apart, a Deity to be attained through acts of devotion and good works. And He contrasts this attitude of “reaching for the Divine” with the God-Realizing disposition, wherein there is nothing to be struggled for, nothing to be attained, because God is the already Present Truth and Reality, whatever appears to be going on in the so-called real world. The “ego-I”, as He explains, is a “clench on the Light”, a reflex of separation in the Divine Field of Being, which is Inherently “Bright”, Blissful, and Eternal.

Because Christianity is about being “saved”, or being delivered from “sin” and bought into intimacy with God (conceived as a great “Other”), it corresponds in its aspirations to what Adi Da Samraj calls the fourth stage of life. This, in its most mature traditional form, is “sainthood”, a Spiritually awakened life of profound Divine Communion and ecstatic service.

I had regarded the intense longing for God expressed by the Christian saints as the highest virtue, and their absorptive states of Spiritual union as the fulfillment of it. To be told that this was merely the foundation of a greater process of Divine Liberation or God-space. There were no more familiar landmarks. Only Infinity.