Nostalgia and Grace, by Carolyn Lee (page 15)

The Surprise

Then, in the middle of 1984, at a time of personal crisis, it happened. Although I had seen members of my family regularly in Europe, I had not visited Sydney for a decade. Suddenly I was seized by a desire to go back to Australia for a few weeks.

Upon arrival, I found my sister ecstatic. She gave me “The Knee of Listening”, the Spiritual Autobiography of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, whose devotee she had become. And so another Spiritual autobiography came into my hands. But, in this case, the whole story was written on the cover, in a photography of the Divinely Self-Illumined Form of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. I could not take my eyes off Him.

Finally I began to read. I wondered what was happening to me. It was as if my mind were being put through a sieve. It just did not function any more, and I was swimming in Happiness without a foothold! I laughed and laughed. I had spent so many years (or lifetimes?) searching for God in the Old World, and now, the moment I returned to the New World, to the family and the place where I had been born, here He was, Avatar Adi Da, Whom my heart acknowledged as the Living Mystery Who had always been my secret Companion, waiting for the moment to unveil Himself. I had prayed for a Teacher, and been given the Divine in Person, outrageously human and alive!

It was not that He could not be found in Europe. His books, I later discovered, were available in London bookstores. It was I who had not been ready for Him.

What was this Surprise going to mean? I had not the slightest idea, but I knew that I must first of all review my whole previous association with religion, and understand it in the light of Avatar Adi Das Appearance. In the following months I devoured everything I could find by Him on the subject of Christianity.