True religion must retire to Light!

The heart must be permitted to achieve a universal feeling-ecstasy!

And Beauty is not in the matter-world of thing and death—but only in the singled universe of the True Loved-One!

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The writing of His Teaching for the sake of devotees and the world has consumed much of Avatar Adi Da’s Life and Work. Through that Work, He has transformed the English language into a vehicle for communication of His Divine Realization. He has labored to make every sentence absolutely clear, such that it cannot be misunderstood.

The “centerpole” of Avatar Adi Da’s Speech and Writing is the Heart, the Divine, Consciousness, Truth, Reality, and Happiness. Therefore, He has created unique conventions of capitalization, capitalizing those words that express the Ecstatic Feeling of the Awakened Heart, and, in many instances, lowercases those words expressive of the ego or conditional limits in general.

In addition, Avatar Adi Da has demonstrated His genius in creative pieces of literature that transcend the boundaries of ordinary communication.

Principal among such writings is The Mummery, Avatar Adi Da’s liturgical drama, which is among His summary Literature (His “Source-Texts”). The Mummery is profoundly multi-dimensional, encompassing unprecedented poetry and deeply resonant archetypes. The Mummery was originally written as the culmination of a ten-year writing experiment Avatar Adi Da engaged during the years of His own Spiritual practice—an intensive of exhaustive awareness in which He looked to understand the real nature of Consciousness and Reality. Thirty years later, as the culmination of the Writing of His “Source-Texts”, Adi Da Samraj greatly expanded and reworked The Mummery such that it stands now as a full communication of the entire Way of Adidam and the transcending of all the searches of humankind.


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