The Sacred Domain and the Artwork
of Adi Da Samraj

Brush Painting 'Body Portrait 2' by Adi Da SamrajThere is no true art without a true culture. There is no sacred art without a sacred domain. There is no right use of sacred art except within the sacred domain, within the whole disposition that belongs to the sacred domain.

That is not to say that there is no other purpose to be served by showing images to people in an ordinary museum context. But just as the ultimate right use of an elephant is out there in the wilderness with other elephants, and not confined in a zoo, art must be restored to its inherent context.

The sacred domain in which My Art is experienced must be pervasive. It must be unavoidable in every direction. It must draw people out of themselves into participation. That kind of circumstance for the experiencing of My Art is the optimum setting.      —Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da has given much instruction on the sacred purpose of true art, and also about the cultural context in which such art must exist. And He has done a Divine Work to create the foundation for just such a cultural context. "I have come to do more than Teach," He says. "I Have Come to Found (and, altogether, to Make Possible) a New (and truly 'Bright') Age of mankind—an Age in Which mankind will apply itself, apart from all dilemma and all seeking, to the Inherently Harmonious Event of Real Existence."

Brush Painting 'He' by Adi Da SamrajTo that end, Avatar Adi Da has spent 30 years engaged in a passionate endeavor as Divine World-Teacher, Working to plant a benign and Blessed seed for the future of our world, as well as offering direct Spiritual guidance to those who formally become His devotees. He has Inspired and Guided the establishment of practicing communities around the world, instigating a resurrection of human culture that will increasingly show its intelligent and Graceful effect on our world in the years to come.

In His Wisdom-Teaching, systematized in the twenty-three "Source-Texts", or Divine Scriptures, of the Way of Adidam, and in the culture and community of sacred practice that He has inspired, Avatar Adi Da continually calls for the reinvigoration of the sacred as the basis of life and art.

In His own Person, in the Love-Communicating manner of His Life, and in the unparalleled body of Literature He has created, He Shows the way to a "radical" reformation of the "old schools" of art, science, and religion, and He provides for the restoration of authentic Spiritual Awakening and Heart-Authority at the crux of human culture.

Adi Da SamrajAVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Great art is really part of the cultural participation of people. Participation in art forms is what is really significant about art.

We live in a time in which participation in art forms is no longer the point—but, traditionally, art objects were ceremonial objects, sacred objects that were part of the daily sacred activity of religious and Spiritual practitioners. Great art is of that kind. The great tradition of art is healing—resonating the being, serving your equanimity, raising your sympathies, enhancing your existence from a sacred point of view.

Just so, My Art is for you to be carried by, to be served by. It is a medium, a means whereby all limitations can be gone beyond. That is what art is truly for.

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