We are now offering many exciting weekend retreats at the Mountain Of Attention Retreat Center in Northern California, along with contemplative retreats during the week.

The Bright Field Retreat
This retreat will focus on the viewing of three of Adi Da's principal suites over the course of the weekend including "Happenine"; "Odalisque: The Myth of the Reclining Woman"; and "9 Mary: The Superconductivity of Celibate Women Under the Midnight Sun". Educational presentations will discuss the unique revelatory intent of each of the Suites. There will also be opportunities to discuss your subjective experience of the Suites as art, and as Spiritual revelation.

Art as Ecstasy
Transcending Perspective and Point-of-View

This retreat will focus on the process of viewing art as an ecstatic, self-transcending experience. Educational presentations will discuss the sacred in art prior to the Renaissance, and the subsequent trend to secularization; the aesthetic and cultural impact of the introduction of "perspective"; the inherently ego-transcending function of art; true culture as the context for viewing sacred art; and how Adi Da Samraj is using His Art to transform personal, social and global experience.

The True Nude
Transcending Artistic Traditions Via the Feeling-Psyche

"A true nude is not differentiable from the inherent Light of Consciousness Itself." —Adi Da Samraj

This retreat will focus on the use of the nude in the world tradition of art, and explain Avatar Adi Da's use of the nude in His Work. Topics include the history of the nude in art; the time-honored aesthetic and Spiritual function of the nude; and the personal and collective awakening served by participation in true sacred art.

The Mummery
Art and Drama as Transcendence

This retreat will focus on Avatar Adi Da's art in relation to His theatrical and literary masterpiece The Mummery. Educational presentations will explore the universal archetypes presented in Adi Da's images and in The Mummery, as well as the sacred roots of art and theatre, and their role in human culture.

The weekend will feature immersive "feeling-participation" in Avatar Adi Da's verbal and visual poetry, so that participants can experience the transformative power of this play-parable about life, death, love, big religion, and ultimate transcendence.

Find out more about The Mummery on The Mummery website.

Contemplative Retreats
You are invited to use the Quiet Dogs retreat facility at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary for a personal retreat up to four days in length from Monday through Thursday, every week.

Quiet Dogs is a serene and Spiritually Empowered site, a perfect for "dropping out" of your daily life, and exploring your relationship with Adi Da Samraj and His Revelation, through private study of His Teaching, listening to tapes of His Talks, watching videos of Adi Da, and through conversations with His devotees.

Based on your needs—for quiet time, or for an in-depth consideration of the Way of Adidam—we can customize a retreat schedule for you.

More Information
Please contact us for more information about registration, dates, times, and costs.
phone: Anne Howell 707-928-4800

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