Summary Dates


November 3, 1939—Adi Da Samraj is Born in Long Island, New York. He was conscious of a Divine State of Being He called the “Bright”. Sometime after His second birthday, Adi Da Samraj makes a conscious decision to relinquish the Joy of the “Bright”, in order to uncover the reasons for human unhappiness and suffering.

In 1957, Adi Da begins a course of study at Columbia College in New York. During this period, Adi Da Samraj engages an intentional experiment with all forms of human experience. In His junior year, this experiment culminates in the tacit knowledge that Truth is always already the case, and that it is the search for Truth that prevents human beings from knowing it in any moment.

In 1962, Adi Da Samraj moves to Tunitas Beach, and engages an intentional experiment with uncovering all forms of the mind and psyche. Out of this, He recognizes the profound underlying script of human activity: the intentional action of separation, which He likens to the myth of Narcissus.

In 1964, Adi Da Samraj moves to New York City and finds His first human teacher, Rudi (Swami Rudrananda). He submits Himself to the ordeal of work and surrender that Rudi taught.

While studying at Lutheran Seminary (at Rudi’s Instruction), Adi Da Samraj experiences the “Death of Narcissus”—which gives Him the ability to locate the Truth in any moment, prior to the activity of separating.

In 1968, Adi Da Samraj begins to study with Rudi’s Guru, Swami Muktananda, and practice the Yoga of Grace.

In 1969, Swami Muktananda acknowledges Adi Da’s realization in the path of Yoga with a formal letter and a Yogic Name.

In 1970, Adi Da Samraj surrenders to Swami Muktananda’s Guru, Swami Nityananda, and also to the Divine Shakti who leads Him on a pilgrimage of Christian Holy Sites throughout Europe and the Middle East.

On September 10, 1970, Adi Da Samraj Fully Awakens to Divine Self-Realization at the Vedanta Society Temple in Hollywood.

On April 25, 1972, Adi Da Samraj formally begins His Teaching Work.

In 1973, Adi Da Samraj travels to India, and comes to the resolve that He must Work in an entirely unique way to bring true understanding and Spiritual Awakening to modern men and women.

In 1974, Adi Da Samraj and His devotees engage the “Garbage and the Goddess” period of extraordinary lessons relative to the true value of Spiritual experiences. This is also when the Ruchira Adidamas, Adi Da’s most senior devotees, are drawn into Adi Da’s Company.

In 1976, Adi Da Samraj and His devotees engage the “Indoor Summer” period and discover that human beings exist in a state of “Divine Ignorance”—that no one truly knows what any one or any thing is.

On September 13, 1979, Adi Da Samraj Reveals His Divine Name “Da”. He is moved to formalize His relationship with devotees, and call them to a life of sacred worship and practice.

On October 27, 1983, Adi Da Samraj arrives, with a small group of renunciate devotees, at Naitauba, Fiji, His now primary Hermitage and the seat of His Blessing Work.

In 1985, Adi Da Samraj begins to summarize His Teaching in a unique Text, The Dawn Horse Testament.

On January 11, 1986, Adi Da Samraj passes through a profound Yogic Swoon, which He comes to call the initiation of His “Divine Emergence”. In this process, Adi Da Samraj is established completely as the direct and living Icon of the Divine in this world.

In 1987 and 1988, Adi Da Samraj and His devotees in Fiji engage the “Indoor Yajna” period, and He recapitulates His entire Teaching.

Through the late 1980s and early 1990s, Adi Da Samraj greatly elaborates His Confessions of His Blessing of the World, His place relative to all the religious and Spiritual traditions of the world, and the nature of the process by which He was able to take Birth. He starts the process of formal meditation retreats in His Company.

In October 1993, Adi Da Samraj is granted Fijian citizenship—a sign that His Work with the West is complete, and that He is free to devote Himself to Blessing the entire world.

On September 7, 1994, Adi Da Samraj experiences another Yogic Event that signifies His Divine Work has come to Completeness.

In early 1997, Adi Da Samraj experiences a profound physical ordeal that corresponds to the creation of a new Text, Hridaya Rosary.

In late 1997 and early 1998, Avatar Adi Da creates the canon of His twenty-three “Source Texts”.

In early 1998, Adi Da Samraj engages a period of instruction with a small group of devotees summarizing the nature of the Realization of Consciousness Itself and true sexual practice.

In January 1999, Avatar Adi Da’s biography, The Promised God-Man Is Here, is first published.


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