Spiritual Transmitter

Spiritual Transmission is a literal process and not an imaginary one. My Influence is All-Pervading and Radiant. When you contact It in the context of your personal life, you feel It pervading your life. What you are observing then is the Play of the Divine, the Play of My Influence, the Means whereby you enter into Divine Communion. Therefore, in life and meditation you, as My devotee, will experience uncommon states that are the expressions of that Divine Communion.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

July 1982

Spiritual Masters have traditionally been acknowledged not only as givers of instruction, but also (and even more importantly) as sources of Spiritual Power. In India, Masters who “transmit” the Spiritual Power of their own Realization are known as “Siddhas” or “completed ones”.

Avatar Adi Da’s Spiritual Transmission is the literal Power of the Heart, the Love-Bliss-Energy of “the Feeling of Being”—utterly beyond any presumption of being a “separate self” in a world of “others”.

Avatar Adi Da’s Spiritual Transmission is the most profound pleasure any being can experience. At the same time, His Transmission purifies the individual of whatever limitations may be obstructing his or her Spiritual growth.


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