“Open Yourself to Become My Instrument”

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Help people to have a sense that they can do something collectively. Speak to everyone’s altruism positively. Give people something to do that is good.

DEVOTEE: Thank You, thank You.


When it was clear that Avatar Adi Da had finished, the devotee to whom He had been speaking began to get up to leave, expressing his gratitude. At that moment, Avatar Adi Da motioned him to come forward. Avatar Adi Da then put the man’s head in His lap. And He reached over and placed His hands on the man’s back, stroking him up and down the back with both His palms for a long time. At the end, He placed His hands on the man’s head. This was not only a loving, personal gesture—it was also an act of Transmission, a passing of His Spiritual Blessing to those He had been speaking about. As the man himself had confessed, his role was that of an instrument, a means for Adi Da Samraj to be Spiritually present and active in that country.

As it turned out, shortly thereafter this man again requested Avatar Adi Da’s specific Blessing Intervention in several situations facing the whole area he was serving. One was a longterm, and seemingly intractable, dispute between the nation and a group of its indigenous peoples. The other concerned a regional conference on child labor. Both the negotiation and the conference surprised all their participants by being successful. At the conference, where this diplomat-devotee said you could tangibly feel Avatar Adi Da’s Blessing Infuse the room, the head of one delegation, notorious for its resistance to fundamental reform, reversed his own delegation’s position saying, “I can no longer deny the feeling I have at this conference.” Then, against his subordinates’ public objections, he pledged his country’s compliance with a new protocol that would protect children’s rights.


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