“Open Yourself to Become My Instrument”

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For many years, I had closely observed and sometimes been privileged to serve Avatar Adi Da in relation to His Work with the world. On a number of occasions, I have heard Him Discourse on the world situation in general, and also on particular situations facing nations and peoples. There was something about this occasion—an important international official requesting Avatar Adi Da’s Help in the mode of the devotee—that seemed to cross an important threshold. Avatar Adi Da Addressed this man in a Manner I had never seen before. He Spoke slowly and extremely quietly—with profound feeling, pausing after each sentence. At the same time, His Instruction reflected a completely current appreciation of the actual circumstance of the country this man was then serving, and also of its neighbors.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Unfortunately, this country is limited in its ability to control many aspects even of its natural circumstance. It’s terribly vulnerable to many things—natural disasters and all the rest. There has to be better cooperation from neighboring countries, cooperation relative to things like water. The ecological situation needs to get stabilized there. There is some movement in that direction now. Your coming to see Me more often is fundamental to it, together with your becoming altogether more communicative in your relationship to Me.

DEVOTEE: Thank You.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: And tell Me things about it from time to time. But know that those children and that country do have My Regard. There are all kinds of things to be done that are matters of education—benign education, not just school education—public communications to the people and communications to those who are in a position to make changes. All the means you have to make such communications are important to use. Of course, ultimately, it is not a place on its own—it is part of, a piece of, this world struggle.


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