“Open Yourself to Become My Instrument”

from The Promised God-Man Is Here, by Carolyn Lee

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A critical aspect of Avatar Adi Da’s Divine world-Work takes place through His direct association with individuals who function in the realm of politics, government, and social welfare. Avatar Adi Da’s Work in this area is made even more potent when such individuals become His devotees. A striking and moving example of this is the relationship between Avatar Adi Da and a man who is a high official of an international relief organization. In 1996, this man requested a private audience with Avatar Adi Da regarding some crucial issues related to his work in a poor and politically volatile part of the world. Avatar Adi Da accepted his request. Bill Stranger had arranged for this man’s visit and was present that evening:

BILL: Avatar Adi Da received this man in a private house where He was staying at the time. My friend had not seen our Beloved Guru for several years and when they met in the living room of this lovely home, just minutes before a piano recital was to be offered to Avatar Adi Da, Avatar Adi Da’s humorous first Words to the man—“Long time, no see”—were the perfectly intimate greeting. They each extended their hands to one another and, with obvious love and delight, beamed into one another’s face. After the recital, there was dinner and then two separate Darshan occasions to accommodate the many devotees who had come to see Avatar Adi Da. It was nearly four in the morning when we were escorted into Avatar Adi Da’s private quarters.

This diplomat has dedicated his professional life to ameliorating the conditions of the world’s poorest children. He is a tireless, innovative, and unusually effective servant in this regard, who performs his work with a light touch but great passion. Avatar Adi Da sat Blissfully on a divan as the man prostrated at His Feet and then addressed Him from his heart. My friend spoke movingly of his lifelong commitment to serving the children of the world and of his slow-dawning recognition that the reason why they continue to suffer unnecessary, if not obscene, privations reveals much more of a Spiritual fault in mankind than any practical limitations upon our economic resources. As the man pointed out to Avatar Adi Da, “For less money than the world spends every year on golf, we could dispense with most of the unnecessary childhood diseases that kill millions every year.” He concluded by asking for Avatar Adi Da’s Guidance and Blessing in his own important service.


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