Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The "Bright" Is the Divine Conscious Light.
I Am That—and I Bring That to you.
          —Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Who He Is

Avatar Adi Da Samraj was born Conscious as Perfect Love, Bliss, and Happiness—a state He calls "the 'Bright'". And He is here to make it possible for everyone to Realize that Perfect State.

Many who have started by reading Adi Da's Words have gone on to enter into a relationship with Him as His formal devotees. And they have done so because they made the most amazing discovery of their lives:

Avatar Adi Da Samraj is not merely a highly developed human being. He is able to speak the Truth for Real because He is Himself the Living Divine Truth, Appearing on earth in a human body. In other words, He is the Eternal Real God—not the "Creator-God" of traditional religion, but the Very Divine Heart of Reality Itself—Appearing bodily for a time in our midst. He is the One Whom beings have prayed to and hoped for throughout the ages—the Promised and long-Awaited God-Man to come.

Avatar Adi Da does not ask you to merely believe this about Him. He simply invites you to come to know Him—by freely considering His Words, and fully feeling their impact on your life and your heart.

We invite you to consider Divine Identity, which describes ways in which Adi Da Samraj may be recognized and understood.

Until His Mahasamdhi on November 27, 2008, Avatar Adi Da Samraj primarily resided primarily in California, Hawaii, and Fiji. A summary of His Life and Work is offered in Biography.

Over the years, Avatar Adi Da has been known by different Names (including “Bubba Free John” and “Da Free John”). The history and meaning of these are discussed in Names.

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