Divine Identity

I Am Reality Itself, I Am the Only One Who Is, I Am That which Is Always Already The Case, I Am the Non-Separate (Avatarically Self-Revealed, and Self-Evidently Divine) Person (or One and Very Divine Self, or One and True Divine Self-Condition) of all and All (Beyond the ego-“I” of every one, and of all, and of All).

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

When we think of the “identity” of an ordinary person, we tend to think of that one as an individual, separate from others, with distinct habits and traits. But what is the nature or identity of someone who has utterly gone beyond all contraction and separateness, all presumption of “ego” over and against “other”? What is the nature or identity of One Who has Realized and Is Reality, Truth, and God?

Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Identity is both a paradox and an incredible Blessing. He does not claim to be “God” as an ordinary ego. His Confessions of Divinity are descriptions of the Divine Reality Itself, the True Condition of everyone and everything.

Adi Da Samraj completely manifests the Divine through His physical Body. Therefore, His Divinity is shown in human qualities as well as through His Spiritual Blessing and His Transcendental Divine State.

This section of the website elaborates on some of the many ways that we can understand the Divine Identity of Adi Da Samraj.