Dau Loloma Vunirarama

“Dau Loloma” is Avatar Adi Da’s Fijian Name, which He assumed as one of His Names after moving with a small group of devotees to Naitauba, His Hermitage Retreat Sanctuary in the Fijian islands in 1982.

Upon their arrival in Fiji, several of Avatar Adi Da’s devotees met with experts in the Fijian language at the University of the South Pacific to generate an appropriate local translation of His Name. They concluded that this would be “Dau Loloma”, which, as one word, means “one who is very loving or compassionate”. “Dau” translates as “adept” or “expert”. “Dau Loloma” as two separate words was chosen for Avatar Adi Da, expressing that He is truly the One Who Is the Adept of Love and Blessing.

“Vunirarama”, the extension of Beloved Adi Da’s Fijian Name, was given to Avatar Adi Da in 1991 by the Fijians of Naitauba. “Vu” translates as “source” or “origin”, “ni” means “of”, and “rarama” “brightness”.

Avatar Adi Da is sometimes also addressed by the traditional Fijian title “Turaga” (meaning “Lord”).