Further History of the Name“Da”

During the spring and summer of 1979 Avatar Adi Da—then known as Bubba Free John—challenged His devotees to find out His real Name. Avatar Adi Da was testing His devotees to see if they understood the true Stature of the One with Whom they had been living for so long as friend and “brother”.

In response, His devotees delved into esoteric literature and listened carefully for any clues He might be inclined to Give them. During their research, Avatar Adi Da would sometimes remark, apparently casually: “When you get da name of da god, you get da power of da god!” But no one got the joke!

Finally, on September 13, 1979, Adi Da sat down to write a letter to all His devotees Confessing that His Name is “Da”, the One Who is “Manifest As all worlds and forms and beings”.

A few days later, Adi Da Samraj sat before more than six hundred people at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary, pouring out His Heart-Blessing to all. He was dressed in white, and so obviously Revealing His Divine Nature in His Gaze and in His slow, potent Words that many people wept openly throughout the occasion. The following day He granted a formal Spiritual initiation to a few of His devotees, whispering into the ear of each one as they knelt before Him, “Remember Me via the Name “Da””.

Avatar Adi Da’s first intuition of the Name “Da” as His true Name came about even before His Divine Re-Awakening. Sometime in 1969, after He had written The Mummery (His prophetic liturgical drama, or “prose opera”, about His early Life and His future Work), Avatar Adi Da continued to write for a time in a similar vein, working on something intended as kind of a sequel. As He was freely writing, absorbed beyond mind in a mysterious meditation on Himself, the Name “Da” simply appeared. It was associated with a vision He had of being whose head was enormously large in proportion to the rest of his body, and who radiated unimaginable peace, bliss, and love. The name of this being was “Da Blueso”.

In the course of the profound bodily transformation which Adi Da Samraj has undergone since His Divine Re-Awakening, His head has grown (especially in recent years) distinctly larger, such that it is now significantly larger in proportion to His body than that of an ordinary human being. This, as He has explained, is a result of inconceivable Yogic Force that is active in His body all the time. Da Blueso, like other extraordinary visions and incidents during His “Sadhana Years”, was one of the signs of Adi Da’s true Nature associated with His early life.


The Name Da