Da Free John

In 1979, Avatar Adi Da revealed His Name “Da”. He took the full name “Da Free John” until 1986, and His devotees often referred to Him as “Master Da”.

“Da” means “to give”, or “the Giver” in Sanskrit, and “the one who bestows great charity”, “the very personification of the great Way of Liberation” in Tibetan.

“Free John” is a rendering of the root-meanings of Avatar Adi Da’s born name, “Franklin Jones”.

When He revealed the Name “Da” to His devotees in 1979, a new period of Avatar Adi Da’s Work began. He no longer related to devotees socially as “Bubba”, or Divine Friend. He began to be acknowledged by His devotees in a more traditional and sacred manner as the Divine Giver of Grace and Blessings, even as He continued the ordeal of His Teaching Work.