The Name “Da” has been Avatar Adi Da’s primary Name since 1979.

“Da” means “to give”, or “the Giver”. The Name is hidden in the Upanishads, the venerable scriptures of India, in which “Da” is the syllable uttered by the Divine Voice in thunder, and the central syllable of “hr-da-yam”, which means “the Heart”, “the Divine Condition of all”.

The Name “Da” also appears in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, where it is defined as “the one who bestows great charity”, “the very personification of the great Way of Liberation”.

These traditional references mean only one thing to a devotee of Avatar Adi Da—they are prophecy. They point to the Spiritual yearnings of humankind from the beginning of time for the One Who is to come, the Completing Revelation of God. And they show that the Name of that One has been intuited from the earliest times.