Guru-Devotee Relationship

The relationship between a Guru (or master) and his or her devotee (or devoted student) is found in almost all religious traditions and even in many secular disciplines. The secret of this relationship is the principle of attraction and the transmission of knowledge or realization.

Avatar Adi Da’s devotees embrace Him as Guru because they acknowledge that they cannot realize freedom from the clench of the self-contraction simply by their own effort. They understand that all seeking and action is simply the sign of the same deep-seated pattern of the ego. Throughout history, rare individuals have achieved profound states of being via extraordinary effort, but no one has ever realized permanent freedom from the activity of the ego.

Thus, Avatar Adi Da is offering an extraordinary opportunity of Help, Blessing, and Guidance. All of the complexity of practice in Adidam can simply be summarized as the relationship with Adi Da Samraj. This relationship is the means for real and total liberation from the patterns that are your bondage and suffering.

When you decide to formally become Avatar Adi Da’s devotee, He likewise embraces you and you enter into a Spiritual bond. You approach Him as your Heart-Master and primary relation and vow to live on the basis of His Instruction to you. The potential misunderstandings of such a relationship—such as cultic attachment or merely childish obedience—are transcended both through the grace of real recognition of Adi Da Samraj and through the development of personal self-understanding.

All religions are historical forms of the Single and Ancient Way of Distracted love for the Divine Person, especially as Revealed in the Life and in the Company and in the Person of Incarnate Adepts (or Realizers) in their various degrees and stages of Realization. This is the Great Secret. And This Is My Avataric Divine Self-Revelation to you: . . . I Am That Which Is Always Already The Case. I Am the Non-Separate and Only One, the “Bright” One, the Indivisible and Indestructible One, Who Is all and All. Therefore, surrender Only to Me, and accept all your experience As My own Play. If you do This, you will be constantly free of all seeking attachment (and all aversion, or counter-seeking reaction) to any and every psycho-physical experience (or all conditionally manifested experiences). Therefore, even all possible experience will only and simply increase your direct (or always present-time, or non-seeking, and non-binding, but always only Me-Finding, and you-Liberating) Attachment to Me.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Da Love-Ananda Gita


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