This excerpt was taken from
The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar.

These Two Strategic points of view [Alpha and Omega] Are Apparently In Conflict With one another—and, Indeed, Historically This Has Been The Case. That Conflict Is Itself One Of The Principal conditional Signs Of human Struggle Within The Context Of conditional Nature. Thus, Early human History (and, Indeed, The Entire History Of The Total Great Tradition Of Mankind, Previous To My Avataric Divine Appearance here) Developed On The Basis Of A Dichotomy (or Split) In The Disposition Of Man, Based On The Two Natural functional Divisions Of the human brain (and Of the human nervous system). And, On The Basis Of That Split, Mankind Has Developed Along Two Entirely Different Lines (Which May Be Compared and Related To The Frontal and Spinal Lines Of the human body-mind), Almost As If Mankind Were Composed Of Two Separate Species. Therefore, This Dichotomy and These Two Great Lines Of human Development Must Be “Considered" and Understood.


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