Vision Mound Ceremony

Vision Mound Ceremony and Vision Mound Institute replaced “The Free Primitive Church of Divine Communion” as the principle title for the fellowship of Adidam in the late 1970s. In 1976 Avatar Adi Da Samraj said the following about the significance of the name “Vision Mound”:

Traditionally people of spiritual cultures went to a prominence on the earth—a rise, a hill, or a mountain—from which to approach God. It was the custom to go alone, prepared by fasting and approaching a reverent mood. Then one would stand on the mound and call for a vision or insight of deliverance, and wait. The ceremony required giving up the whole life, throwing everything away until you were given the Divine impulse. Then you would leave the mound and return to your normal course of life, periodically returning to the mound for Divine refreshment. This ceremony is the same that everyone performs eternally: The body, as the mound, is surrendered to the Infinite that pervades it, until it is surrendered perfectly.