The following excerpts are taken from Instruction Avatar Adi Da has Given relative to money:

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Controls that prevent waste of money are good and necessary. The right use of money should never be undermined. But you must also function successfully and produce growth in income. Therefore, the programs of the institution, the culture, the community, and the mission of My devotees should be supported by all My devotees.

You will not fulfill your collective responsibility until you are willing to commit both human and financial resources to the degree that is necessary for the success of the institution, the culture, and the community of My devotees. It is your collective responsibility to generate the income for meeting that obligation. Therefore, see that the work of the culture and the mission is truly and successfully done. You must create a sacred overview, but there is much more to be done.

Raise the level of the institution’s service to a great height. Make My Work and the Great Truth of the Way of Adidam available to everyone.

* * *

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: A fundamental principle of the discipline of money in the Way of Adidam is that you should not go into debt. Sometimes some financial situation may require a reasonable and minimal debt that you may incur with the agreement of the community. But it should be a minimal indebtedness. In general, no one should go into debt. Live cooperatively instead. Do not go into debt in your own adolescent independence.

* * *

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Do not waste money or mismanage its use. Just as emptying yourself of sexual energy all day will destroy you, so also will wasting money and going into debt. Not only should you not go into debt but there should be ceilings on your expenditures.

Every one of My devotees must be a Yogi or a Yogini, conserving energy relative to all aspects of life and function. All life-energy, all life-functions, all life-relationships must be turned from their conventional course to the self-transcending process of Most Perfectly ego-transcending Real-God-Realization in My Company. This is the difference between nominal, or “talking”- school religions and the real religion of the Way of Adidam.

Therefore, just as there is a Yoga relative to sexuality in the Way of Adidam, there is also a Yoga relative to money and for all your responsibilities for daily life.

Your cooperative households are to be fully managed, like any business, and all money must be used according to the sacred purposes you have agreed to. As My devotee you are participating in a whole Way of life, not just in a club to which you pay dues and a few fees each month. Therefore, control your use of money just as you control your sexual energy.

Use money effectively in service to the sacred purposes of the Way of Adidam. Conserve money just as you conserve your own sexual energy.

* * *

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: In the Way of Adidam, one’s personal finances are not a private matter. The management of money, both personal and collective, requires cooperation on the part of all My devotees. Therefore, you should fully disclose your financial circumstance, and thereby live the Way of Adidam rightly in community and handle your right responsibilities. The financial strength of the gathering of My devotees is of fundamental importance in the whole process of the Way of Adidam.


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